Nothing to Cry About


Nothing to Cry About, an unflinching memoir, begins with author, Joan Atherton Hooper, discovering a photo of the young man who, in 1939, murdered her father. Joan’s story, from age two in an orphanage, swings between fantasies of Hollywood and restraints from the Vatican.

It is a test of everything she believes in.

Growing up in Colac as a Ward of the State, to deserted wife in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, to mother of daughters struggling with drug, alcohol and mental health issues, Joan has an astonishing sense of humour and an iron-clad will to ‘rise above her station’ and turn her life into a success.

‘This is no ordinary story. Nor is it a larger-than-life story. It is a story of extraordinary resilience, humanity and – against all the odds – both innocence and a capacity for laughter. It should be read by everyone who thinks they are a hard luck story and everyone else to remind them how lucky they are.’

– Dr Paul Monk

Nothing to Cry About by Joan Atherton Hooper
Published by Katherine Seppings (2015)

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9 thoughts on “Nothing to Cry About

  1. Jennine Mahoney

    We know the story and can’t believe anyone could survive a life like yours and come out smiling let alone laughing. You are a true survivor!!! We look forward to reading your book. Good luck with sales of what we know will be a great read. Love from us both, Jennine and Bernie xxx


  2. Bruce FISHER

    Nothing to cry about! well there is an understatement ! My wife bought this book it was one of those being a friend of a friend situations, I do like factual books. This could make a wonderful locally made film, I couldn’t put the book down. I couldn’t believe this girl could live the life she has and be still strong enough to write and publish a book? My love and best wishes to Joan, and all those mentioned in the book! I don’t know if they’re the real names?


  3. Sandy Bramley

    I loved this book so much that I have read it twice!
    The first time I rushed through it as I just wanted to take it all in, the second time I ‘lived’ with Joan and felt with her, but I continued to be amazed at how resilient she is. Joan is extraordinary in her ordinariness, any of us who grew up during this era could have had similar situations but I doubt that many of us would have flourished and met her challenges with such a stoicism and then, incredibly, to record it all in such a compelling way.
    This impressive lady is truly an inspiration!


  4. Tui Curry

    Comments & Praise sent to Joan

    ‘Fabulous book. I laughed and I cried… We have already decided on the cast for the movie.’ Tricia

    ‘Your memoir is brilliant in its narrative and unforgettable in its content. Your style is powerful in the simplicity; gripping in its depiction of events. You have had the courage to reveal your soul and your secrets and for this you deserve all the praise. I haven’t read a memoir that has kept me as enthralled as in this since Albert Facey’s, A Fortunate Life.’ John Dovey

    ‘What a rollercoaster. Great observations and insights with an effective sense of time and place all underpinned by your strong, humorous voice. It is a story of survival despite the odds – too many cards stacked against you yet you come up trumps every time. Loved the anecdotes that lift the spirit – the nun, ‘Don’t let them put out your fire!’ As if anyone could!’ Helen Cerne


  5. Lyne Howell

    HI joan…I loved your book, given to me by Faye, for my birthday…I was intruiged by the story, as it was never really talked about when we were growing up in Cororooke. Congratulations, I enjoyed every moment…..Lynette Langdon (Howell now)..And thanks for signing it as well!!!!


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